These 20 Cats Got Super Creative When They Were Told Its Time To Visit The Vet

Nobody likes having to go to the doctor–it just makes for a bad day, especially when you have to get shots.  Cats feel the same way about seeing the vet.  They’d just rather not do it.  But we all know that they have to and so we forth them to go.  But that doesn’t stop them from trying to hide by any means possible.  Hide and go seek in 3…2…1…

1. Wait, you can see me?  How about now?

2. Yeah… I’m not coming down.

3. Nothing to see over in this corner…

4. They’ll never look in the trash can!

5. Hmm.  This is an interesting wall.

6. Here are two kitties trying to hide from the vet.

7. I’ll find the escape hatch!

8. Realization of your betrayal hit before you got to the vet.

9. Entering liquefy mode.

10. What?  I’m not behind the sink.

11. You can’t seem me, you can’t see me.

12. The sink seems to be a popular hiding place.

13. Who’s tail is that?  It definitely isn’t mine…

14. I am the wall.  I am the wall.

15. I’m just going to pretend I can’t see you.

16. Yeah… I’m not coming out.

17. Surely my human will keep me safe.

18. If I can’t see you, you can’t see me.

19. I want to leave.  Now.

20. Keep looking…