20 Guilty Animals Caught in the Act

When you leave your pets alone at home, you expect them to behave, right? Well, these little guys behaved very badly and they feel guilty…guilty about getting caught, that is! Don’t let the innocent act fool you, these little trouble makers are in big trouble!

1. “So I used your lipstick. What’s the big deal?”

2. “Ummm…I was just seeing if they fit, really!”

3. “The meat is expired, I was getting rid of it for you.”

4. “What? Someone went through the trash? … Well I hope you find the perp!”

5. “Don’t look at me, I just got here too!”

6. “I had a pillow fight alone. It was exhausting. Time for a nap!”

7. “The square pieces were loose, so I fixed it. You’re welcome!”

8. “We’re just horsing around.”

9. “The chef’s assistant is supposed to sample the food.”

10. “What? I was feeling cold.”

11. “I was just going to refill the ice tray…”

12. “You really need to knock before coming in, mom.”

13. “We were just wrestling.”

14. “I wasn’t going to go through your purse, I swear!”

15. “Why do you look so upset, dad?”

16. “What do you mean I look guilty?”

17. “It was his idea!”

18. “The pool’s great! Come on in!”

19. “What? Me? No…Really!”

20. I wonder what they did for them to look that guilty.