22 Proud Mothers Showing Off Their Pups

These mamas just went through the miracle of life.  And while they’re probably exhausted, they also couldn’t be prouder.  With their new pack of babies running around their legs, they show off their new additions to the family for the camera.  We dare you not to smile as you look at all the adorable puppies.  It’s impossible!

1. A mama and her tiny clones.

2. Hey! Those are mine!

3. This is an adorable grumble of pugs.

4. Just checking in during nap time.

5. Can you count all the spots?

6. So many babies!

7. Color-coordinated, so you can tell them apart.

8. Where did all these babies come from?!

9. Do you see all these puppies?  They’re mine!

10. Is there anything better in life than a basket full of puppies?

11. Family photo-op!

12.  Just six adorable bundles.

13. Both mom and dad are proud.

14. Mama and her puppy pile!

15. Keeping all her puppies close by.

16. One big, happy family.

17. All the wrinkles are giving me cuteness overload!

18. Having a family outing.

19. Such an adorable mamma.

20. Fuzzy butts are the best butts!

21. Looks like mamma needs a break.

22. Mamma posing for the camera.