17 Baby Animals You Never Knew Could Be So Cute

Animals themselves can be incredibly adorable.  Sure, there are those animals that we might not find all that appealing, such as skunks or hairless mole rats.  But almost all animals are cute when they’re babies.  They can’t help it.  Even an incredibly tiny, baby skunk is cute.  If you don’t believe, then you need to check out these pictures ASAP.

1. Is there anything cuter than a baby giraffe?

2. Someone wants some lovin’.

3. This duckling wants your attention.

4. So young he’s still getting used to the water.

5. Have you ever seen a lamb this cute?

6. This baby owl is looking mischievous.

7. Even baby puffer fish are cute!

8. Just a baby walrus hanging out in his pool.

9. This foal is so tiny!

10. Proof that baby skunks are adorable.

11. A baby chinchilla getting his milk.

12. This floof ball is a baby hawk.

13. A pack of baby prairie dogs.

14. This puppy is the epitome of cuteness.

15. Just a mama cuddling her baby polar bear.

16. This is a baby tapir.

17. A baby hippo learning how to swim.

H/T: BoredPanda