16 Dogs That Look Like Real Life Giant Teddy Bears

There are so many adorable dogs out there, it can be hard to figure out which ones you want/need to look at.  Do you look at the dogs with the ridiculously big tongues?  Do you look at the puppies who can’t make it down the stairs?  There are just too many options!  Better to just let the internet decide what to look at for the day.  In this case, you should check out these ridiculously fluffy dogs that may or may not really be teddy bears.

1. He’s like a giant pom-pom!

2. Just your local teddy bear walking down the street.

3. Teddy bears need to go to the vet too.

4. Just four fluffy teddy bears hanging out together.

5. One of these is really a stuffed animal, the other is real.  Can you tell which is which?

6. He’s so warm in the snow because of all the fluff.

7. Being a giant teddy bear is so much fun!

8. When you’re a real-life teddy bear, people will just carry you around everywhere.

9. This teddy bear is just showing off his awesome fluff.

10. This giant teddy bear is just too huge to be real.

11. Teddy bears can be small too.

12. This guy might be more fluff than dog.

13. Just admire the giant teddy bear.

14. Look at how tiny this fluffy guy is!

15. I just want to cuddle all the fluff!

16. Even this girl is enjoying her own fluff.