15 Dogs That Know Exactly What It’s Like To Be You In Bed

What are you like when you just want to go to bed?  Maybe you like to snuggle for a little bit first.  Maybe you spend hours in bed catching up on all of your Netflix shows.  Maybe it’s the time for you to just relax and forget about the world.  Whatever your bedtime routine is, these dogs will completely understand.

 1. When you’re trying to watch just one more Netflix episode.

2. When you’re trying to take a nap but keep getting interrupted.

3. When you’re trying to sleep but drank too much coffee.

4. When your bed feels better than going out.

5. When you want to sleep in but the kids are being too quiet.

6. When you wake up a little bit confused.

7. When you try to take a bedtime selfie.

8. When you remember it’s a three-day weekend.

9. When you bought a new comforter set.

10. When you find the best nap buddy.

11. When you finally get a king-sized bed.

12. When you don’t want to leave your SO alone.

13. When it’s Saturday and your boss wants you to come to work.

14. When it’s hot but you still want the blankets.

15. When it’s Monday morning.