These 18 Awkward Cats Will Make You Feel Awkward… Too

Cats are rarely seen as anything other than the epitome of grace, but we found a bunch of cats who are anything but. Don’t laugh too hard, you know you’ve have these awkward moments, too!

1. A regular sleeping beauty.

2. “Here’s what I think of your opinion!”

3. The holidays were extra rough on Mr. Mittens.

4. The cat isn’t even the most awkward person at the table.

5. No sense of calm whatsoever.

6. He partied too hard the night before and woke up on the front steps.

7. “Uhhhhh. We weren’t talking smack about you, we swear!”

8. Maybe the kitty wasn’t ready for the picture?

9. “Oops!”

10. “You’re home early!”

11. “How dare you put this horrid thing on me!”

12. “GET. OFF! NOW!!!”

13. “Ummm, what’s this small human doing here? It smells weird.”

14. He got caught playing with his tootsies…how embarrassing.

15. Ernie! No!!!!

16. Well, that’s one way to drink water.

17. “You’ll pay for this, human!”

18. Woah, calm down, little buddy!