These 13 Cats Are Losing Patience For Their Owners

Cats only have so much patience to give out during their lifetime.  That’s why we see cats that are grumpy and annoyed so often–they have to save up their patience for truly trying times when they know they will need it.  These kitties are having a bit of a problem with their owners.  To put it simply, they are annoying.  These cats just want to be left alone.  They tried to be patient for a little bit, but now it has gone on too long.

1. “Do I look like a good kitty to you?!”

2. “How stupid do you think I am?”

3. “I don’t even watch TV, you plebs.”

4. “I hate every single holiday.”

5. “Toys are useless, get them away from me.”

6. “I told you I’m a vegetarian.  You never listen to me!”

7. “I wanted to be an only child.”

8. “I will kill you and your whole family.”

9. “I will retaliate.  I will not forget.”

10. “This is meant for children, you fool.”

11. “Why would you get a dog?”

12. “You are really trying my patience right now.”

13. “You think I want to be merry?!”