These 12 Cats Made Some Hilariously Poor Choices In Life

We all make some bad choices every now and then.  It’s just a part of life.  We learn from our mistakes and try not to make them again in the future.  Animals are all the same way.  At some point in time, these kitties made a wrong turn and ended up in some sticky situations.  Now they’re regretting their choices.  They may learn from their mistakes and move on, or they may get a case of amnesia and do the exact same thing next Tuesday.  Only time will tell.

1. He had a case of the sniffles.

2. He was just practicing his climbing skills.

3. When you try to steal, make sure you have a proper getaway.

4. A wrong turn must have been taken.

5. He’s reflecting back on all his choices.

6. This is why you put all of the food away.

7. He just wanted a comfy place to rest.

8. There was a spider on the ground that scared him.

9. He forgot how much he hated water.

10. The crash can is no place for a cat.

11. He just wanted to arrange an outfit for you.

12. Mistakes were made.