Seventeen Reasons Why Goats Are Underrated For Cuteness

When you hear people talking about cute and adorable animals, what is the first image that pops into your mind?  Probably a puppy or a kitten.  Maybe some tiny furry hamster or a unique hedgehog.  But you don’t typically think about goats.  You may think that goats are odd creatures, that they smell funny, or they are only around when you go to a petting zoo.  But what you didn’t know is that goats can be incredibly adorable–plus they have a great sense of humor!  Just let these cuties show you how true it is!
1. Tiny goats wearing tiny sweaters!

2. Such an adorable girl.

3. When they hear, “smile for the camera!”

4. Three best buddies hanging out together.

5. Isn’t this guy just adorable?

6. This baby goat has too much energy.

7. They’re as white as snow!

8. Someone is strutting for the camera.

9. “Come over here and pet me.”

10. This little guy just wants someone to play with.

11. This guy just took the best seat in the house!

12. He’s trying to be edgy with his new spike collar.

13. Best goat buddies doing what goat buddies do!

14. “Look at me!”

15. When your friends won’t stop pestering you…

16. Just one happy goat!

17. Don’t you agree she’s adorable?