Eighteen Adorable Animals Who Just Couldn’t Wait To Nap

Nap time is the best time of the day.  If you happen to miss it you might get a little grumpy.  That’s why you try your hardest to squeeze it in any way you can.  These animals are the same!  They need that solid 20 hours of beauty rest.  If that means they’re in the middle of a meal–too bad, it’s time to sleep.  Out for a walk with the hoo-man.  A nap is just more important.  These animals all have their priorities straight.

1. Cleaning the drains just wears you out.

2. All warm and snug in a hoo-man’s sleeve.

3. This bird just wants to get in some ZZZs.

4. You make sacrifices when you want to nap while sunbathing.

5. He couldn’t decide what to eat, so he took a nap instead.

6. This boot does look pretty cozy.

7. He thinks he needs just as much sleep as babies.

8. That can’t be comfortable…

9. Nothing like a nice sheep pillow.

10. This guy was just tired of swimming so much.

11. Why read when you can take a nap?

12. “That looks like just my size!”

13. The smell knocked him out on the spot.

14. Grocery shopping can take a lot out of you.

15. Just another night in the big city.

16. When I fits, I sits.

17. Look down before you pour your coffee!

18. Dreaming about the Easter bunny.