20 Proud Cat Mothers With Their Adorable Kittens

These cat moms are brimming with pride at their new litter of kittens. What cat mom wouldn’t be happy to be surrounded by her fluffy little ones?! They are probably pretty tired, but taking care of these little darlings is more than reward enough.

1. Little grey kitty nuggets! How cute!

2. Look at this pair of proud parents!

3. A beautiful Siamese family.

4. The cutest shades of grey!

5. Dinner time!

6. Omg! They are so fluffy!!

7. Even more fluff!

8. Guess we know who the ‘black sheep’ of this family is.

9. The look on mom’s face is priceless!

10. A basket full of joy and cuddles.

11. Mamma needs a break.

12. It looks like mom is giving us a thumbs up…almost.

13. Cute orange kitties sitting in a row.

14. This is commonly known as a ‘pile’ of kittens; the best kind of pile ever!

15. What are you little cuties looking at?

16. Mom and dad share a kiss as the kiddies look away in disgust! Lol!

17. Further up the stairs, there’s a dog family doing the same thing.

18. How many spots do you see?

19. A very intense glare from the protective mommy!

20. Awwwww!

h/t: bored panda