19 Of The Best Animal Photobombs

Have you ever tried taking a picture, just to have it ruined at the very last second by your cat jumping through the shot, or a squirrel hanging from the tree?  Maybe ruined isn’t the right word…  Maybe made better would be more fitting!  These photographers all tried their hand at capturing some important moment, just to have an animal come along and get their 15 minutes of fame.

1. The cat seems like the most excited subject in this photo!

2. This pup isn’t too sure about what his owner is holding.

3. A guinea pig checking out what this camera-thingy is.

4. Scuba-diving photo bombs might just be the best photo bombs.

5. This walrus doesn’t seem to be too excited about the limelight.

6. Trying to take a nice vacation photo when…

7. You can’t have a couple’s photo without the odd squirrel.

8. This fuzzy guy just seems happy to be included.

9. This dog looks like a giant by standing close to the lens.

10. Everyone in this picture is just excited to be included.

11. That giraffe wasn’t too sure that the boy should be in the picture.

12. This hoo-man is looking a little uneasy about this photobomb.

13. Possibly one of the scariest photobombs around.

14. What did I say about scuba photobombs?  They’re awesome!

15. This cat doesn’t seem very happy about this girl’s selfie habits.

16. This just proves that aquariums are a good time.

17. Who’s happier, the dolphin or the girl?

18. This photobomb took over the entire picture.

19. Probably the most majestic photobomb.