18 Animal Expressions That Perfectly Describe Motherhood

Motherhood is hard, whether you are human or not. These animals have all experienced motherhood, as well as all of the trials and tribulations that come along with it. If you ever wanted to see what motherhood looked like in the form of expressions, now is the chance to see. Motherhood has never been summed up so perfectly!

1. Looking a little exhausted.

2. Someone needs a break.

3. “Why is this thing following me around?”

4. Teaching the little one new things.

5. So many floofballs to look after.

6. Mama needs a nap, too.

7. Someone needs to take a vacation.

8. Trying to get in some ZZZs.

9. Just trying to hang in there.

10. There kittens is hard work.

11. The expression of annoyance.

12. When you have limited space.

13. That face just says it all.

14. Wondering how she got in this situation.

15. Just checking out all the milk-drinkers.

16. Someone is completely exhausted.

17. Out like a light in 3…2…1…

18. This look is just bittersweet.