17 Dogs Who Tried To Look Angry, But Failed Miserably

What does it mean to be bad to the bone?  It means you’ve got quite the temper, that you don’t let anyone mess with you, and you aren’t afraid to rough someone up just to get your point across.  These dogs think they are bad to the bone–at least, that’s what they’re trying to prove to their owners.  But we know better.  They are just the sweetest little teddy bears on the inside, not able to hurt a fly.  But don’t tell them you know!

1. You better throw the tennis ball!

2. This is my turf, you better pet me!

3. I’m so tough!  Look at me bite this!

4. Take me for a walk or else.

5. Such a tiny little growler.

6. Such a mean face–better look out!

7. Rub my tummy or you’ll pay!

8. I stole this toy from a little kid.  It definitely isn’t mind…

9. He’s working on his staredown.

10. He’s not afraid of the police.

11. Claiming the chair, not running away!

12. He wants you to think he’s vicious.

13. He’s not really angry, don’t worry.

14. He thinks his teeth make him look more menacing.

15. He might be small but he can pack a punch!

16. He isn’t even afraid of the mailman.

17. He wears your clothes just because he can.