15 Things Your Dog’s Been Trying To Tell You Through Body Language

When a kid is having a melt-down, we often tell them to “use their words” so that they communicate what’s bothering them and figure out a way to fix it.  But that’s not the solution for dealing with our furry friends.  As much as we might want them to, they can’t speak to us.  But that doesn’t mean they’re not trying to communicate.  They’re trying to talk to us all the time–we just need to start listening!

1. Belly to the air.

What does it mean?  Your dog is telling you he knows you’re the alpha male and you’re in charge.  He’s just happy to be a part of your pack.

2. Crazy eyes and tongue hanging out.

What does it mean?  This is a pretty simple one that almost everyone understands.  It means you’re eating food and I want it in my mouth.  Right now.

3. Bending down to the ground.

What does it mean?  Pretty common, it means your dogs is ready to play, and is trying to get you to join in.  Now why don’t you go pick up that ball?

4. Watching you leave the house.

What does it mean? Your dog may not be happy that you’re leaving them, but they are secure enough in your friendship to know that you’re coming back.  When they are anxious about you leaving they are more likely to bark or chew things.

5. Sleeping in your bed.

What does it mean? While you might think your dog just thinks that your bed is the comfiest in the house, this isn’t the case.  Your dog just wants to be close to you, even when sleeping.

6. Sticking out the tongue.

What does it mean? This is usually a sign of discomfort.  There might be an unfamiliar person around or they’re anxious about something.

7. Leaning up against you.

What does it mean? This is how your dog cuddles.  They want your attention and affection.  They’re just trying to show you that they love you.

8. Big, relaxed yawning.

What does it mean? Sometimes, dogs yawn out of empathy.  So if you yawn and then your dog yawns, it could just mean that they’re empathizing with you.

9. Regular yawning.

What does it mean? Dogs do yawn when they’re tired.  But they can also yawn when they are stressed or scared.

10. Sitting on your feet.

What does it mean? There are several reasons your dog might do this.  They could be trying to assert their dominance with you.  They could also be trying to comfort themselves by being close to you.

11. Chewing on furniture.

What does it mean? Your dog could be suffering from separation anxiety when you leave, and shows this through chewing.  Sometimes, though, dogs just chew because they are bored.

12. Curling into a corner.

What does it mean? Your dog is scared.  This could be because they were abused in whatever past situation they were in.  Or the current people around them are bringing along a sense of fear.

13. Raising one paw up.

What does it mean? Your dog is a natural hunter, and this position means that they are on the prowl.  You might just want to get out of the way and let them do their thing.

14. Bringing things to you.

What does it mean? Your dog is trying to give you a gift!  You should be thankful.  Another reason a dog might bring something to you is because they want to play fetch.

15. Maintaining eye contact.

What does it mean? This is just a powerful way that dogs can show affection.  You should cherish it.