15 Cats Who Have Amazingly Unique Fur Patterns

Cat fur can vary a lot. Still, when you see cats, there are typical fur patterns and colors that you most likely see. It’s when you find an unusual kitty that you start to get excited. It’s like clouds–you try to find shapes and meaning in their fur. It’s no different with these kitties. They have some pretty awesome fur going on. They make all the other kitties jealous. Wouldn’t you want to have some fur that looked this awesome?

1.  Almost has a flower on his face.

2. Different color eyes to match.

3. Going for the raccoon eyes.

4. He couldn’t decide what color he wanted to be.

5. He got his ears and tail a little dirty.

6. He loves you very much.

7. He will always look concerned.

8. Like he was rolling around in baby powder.

9. Is he wearing a separate fur coat?

10. It’s not a beard, really.

11. Just so worried.

12. That is one big honker.

13.  Just a thick mustache.

14. This cat is actually batman.

15. This kitty knows his facial hair.