13 Adorable Pups Doing Super Weird Things

Just likes humans, dogs can have their quirks that make them a little bit odd.  But there’s nothing wrong with that.  In fact, having a dog that’s weird could just bring more excitement and joy into your life. You never know when they’re going to surprise you or make you laugh.  Just make sure you always have your camera ready.  Your friends won’t believe just how weird your dog can be!

1. You can’t leave the house without two shoes.

2. He hasn’t figured out how to properly sit yet.

3. He thinks no one will be able to find him in the drawer.

4. The humans walk on two legs.  Why shouldn’t he?

5. It’s okay to pretend you’re a princess sometimes.

6. He’s practicing being a shadow hunter.

7. Maybe he’s just too lazy to get on the couch.

8. I wonder what could be going on down there?

9. He just wants to dress up and look fancy.

10. He’s proud to have that seat at the table.

11. That must be one real mean trash can.

12. I want to show off my toys too!

13. This is just an unexplainable phenomenon.