11 Naughty Dogs Who Were Caught In The Act

Sometimes, even man’s best friend has their off days. The reaction on these dog’s faces are priceless.

1. “So I wanted to help with the new plants and uhmmm…”

2. “It was like this when I got here mom… REALLY! It was!”

3. “Its for a science project!”

4. “I’m just chewing my bone… this other stuff here.. wasn’t me!”

5. “Mess? What Mess? Have you been drinking again mom??”

6. “Hi! I’m Cute! I can do no wrong!”

7. “Dad told me I need to help out around the house more.. so I decided to paint….”

8. “heheh… I’m going to blame this on the cat!”

9. “double-trouble”

10. “If I stand Veeeeeeery still – maybe they won’t see me”

11. “It’s not like you use this darn thing anyway mom!”